My life’s purpose is to lead by example…

There is no one size fits all “magic” formula to running a successful and sustainable business. It takes a mixture of self-leadership (expansion and connection with yourself), strategy (vision, messaging, and marketing).

And a desire to grow a business and life you want.

My approach to coaching is all about YOU, and your power. Empaths thrive when they peal back society’s conditioning and honour their natural gift’s.

I use a powerful mix of business coaching and self-development to ignite YOUR gifts without sacrificing your bodies needs.

The result: You lead your business, shine your empathic light, and become a role model for your businesses purpose.


A focus on YOUR innate gifts.

I believe that as a sensitive entrepreneur you expand to meet your next level of success and abundance in business when you amplify your purpose, mindset, embody your empathy and heart energy - along with mastering your business skills your voice, messaging, the content you create and the publicity you and your business get.

I help you connect with your inner power, activate your visibility, and scale the next level focusing on my 5 ANCHORS.


Trusting that you can use your gifts of empathy, intuition, and creativity without sacrificing your nervous system.


Activate your gentle powerful voice and communicate a clear brand message to the world.


Grow and build genuine kind relationships, let go of resistance, feel what you truly want for yourself and your business.


Clarity on what you want your next business level to look like.


Opening up to receiving money for being of service and following your purpose.


You are ready to hit your next big vision and want the help of someone who has years of experience. Someone who will be alongside you for the work, challenges and wins.

You are on the self-discovery journey; you recognise your sensitivity and empathic nature and know you need a coach that understands how to grow your business whilst supporting your supercharged nervous system.

You are already in business, and you are ready to scale to 6 figures.

Success is an inside job, you love deep thinking, conversations. Then we will get along great.

You are ready to make an even bigger impact with your work. I know how to help you achieve your purposely mission.

Why me…

I know how to create and scale online and bricks and mortar businesses.

  • Drawing on 28 years working as owner and directors of my companies on the high street and online (yes that means leadership, messaging, marketing, strategy, content and unblocking the odd toilet)
  • 7 years working as a business coach connecting with lots of women just like you
  • Numerous additional hours of marketing training with coaches and courses
  • A ton of self-development work and healing courses therapy and reading
  • Business Coaching Certificate I will help you cultivate the right mindset, develop feminine leadership skills that align with your passion and purpose. Get clear on your mission, your messaging and ongoing strategy.

What do I expect from our time together?

I give 100% to my clients and I expect 100% back.

When both parties bring everything to the process. You get the results you desire.


  • 3 – Month Business Coaching Programme
  • 1-day intensive London, Norwich or Zoom (10:30am – 4:30pm.)
  • Fortnightly 60-minute coaching sessions (Zoom)
  • Access to me throughout Monday-Wednesday 10 am – 5pm via Voxer App
  • Personalised action plans after each coaching session, with any relevant handouts, worksheets or exercises
  • Access to all my masterclasses, workshops included in the Wellbeing Business Bundle
  • Access to my 28 years of experience and commitment
1 Month 3 Month
£1700 £4400
(No payment plan) Pay in full £4400
Pay deposit of £2000 and 2 instalments of £1400
Includes full strategy day in London or Norwich
1 60 minute coaching session (Zoom)
One month of Voxer support (Monday - Wednesday 10am - 5pm)

Two places available January 2023.

Apply here


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