Business Support 1:1 Session

Get customised coaching - mentoring support to help you with any issues... 

Growing your holistic therapy practice or yoga class wellness or yoga studio doesn't have to be difficult  

You just need the right support to help you find more clients.  


We all hit stumbling blocks with our businesses sometimes... 

Maybe you need...

  • help to create a marketing plan
  • help to develop a new business idea
  • help to build your confidence and self-belief 
  • help to clarify who your ideal clients are 
  • help to create a pricing strategy
  • just need to know where to start  


  • Getting overwhelmed trying to figure it all out yourself...
  • Getting confused with what other people say you "should" do  
  • Getting frustrated wasting time learning tools and  skills you don't need 
  • Worrying about hiring people who are going to slow your business progress 

If this sounds out of your reach, I want you to know that it is 100% achievable for YOU. 

Why do I know this? Because I started exactly where you are now 20 plus years ago. 

Over the last 20 years, I have had experience, running and marketing a successful holistic therapy practice,  multidisciplinary wellness clinic, written a best selling book and now coach people just like you. If I can do this then so can you.  

You just need the right support and guidance 

Are you ready for a Thrive and Grow Session? 

You are a good fit if...

*You are a holistic therapist, yoga teacher or wellness practitioner who is committed to their business but needs help to meet their next goal 

*You understand that a solid business   foundation is vital for the success of your business

*You know you're capable of doing this with the right support and processes

Have we met before?

My name is Helen.

20 years ago I was a successful reflexologist who had a dream to own her own wellness clinic. However, I wanted to do it a little differently from other similar spaces. 

I wanted it to be a space where clients who had not experienced anything like this before felt safe to do so. A space where holistic therapists and counsellors could come and feel supported to do their best work.

This meant creating an entirely different business model from the one that most centres operated. 

The only problem being that I had no idea how to go about setting this up.

Never being one to let anything hold me back I opened my own clinic and embarked on a steep learning curve learning how to market and lead my business. 

20 years later I am coaching and mentoring many other wellness entrepreneurs how to grow their own wellness business

Book Your 1:1 Session Today 

We will work on your fears, frustrations and any blocks you have around growing your value-led business.

This is about more than your "business" - it's about creating the impact you want to make and being heard by those who need you the most. 

Thrive & Grow


PERFECT FOR... getting help with strategy, creating a marketing plan, developing a new business idea, etc. 

  • 60 min 1:1 session focusing on YOUR business
  • Co-work on the areas where you need help writing a business plan or website copy etc...
  • Finally move forward in your business!