Do you wish you could just treat your clients, teach your yoga classes, and not bother with the sales and marketing stuff?


But instead, this is how you feel about it, now:

  • Marketing feels a little bit icky as though you are trying guilt someone into coming to see you.
  • If I charge to much for my services then “I am not spiritual or caring enough” clients won’t be able to come and use me this must be why I don’t have enough clients.
  • Marketing feels like a separate part of your business. A part that you don’t really like or want to engage with even though you know you should.
  • You wait until you have more time, you feel more creative the planets have aligned to create magnetic content except that doesn’t seem to happen very often.
  • You see everyone else getting it “right” and you feel as though there it something wrong with you and you wonder if you should do another qualification to attract more clients.
  • You blame the algorithm for the tumble weed blowing through your social media accounts.
  • It is all so time consuming and really does it make that much difference, so many holistic therapists and yoga teachers struggle to find enough clients it’s just how it is, right?

But you’re smart you know you are a good at what you do. So why does it feel so heavy and awkward?

Let me share with you what I know.

The reason sales and marketing feels so hard is not because you are doing it wrong. It’s because you are used to the idea of big companies with budgets trying to sell as much of their product as possible.

The trouble with this kind of marketing is that it feels so overwhelming and impersonal. You are a holistic therapist/yoga teacher selling wellbeing to one individual at a time, your business is all about creating safety and trust, not icky sales techniques that create false urgency. There is a different way.

It is possible to find joy in your marketing to love your marketing plan and sell your services in a way that works for YOU. This is why I have assembled all my workshops in one place and created the:

Wellness Business Bundle
Because whether you want 12 clients or 144: all you need to do is these 3 things:

  1. You need to show up as YOU, a normal human being who is passionate about what you do.
  2. Meet people that you like and want to work with.
  3. Let them know how you can help them make the changes they want whether via social media, in person or e-mail.

Yes, I know that may not feel as simple as it sounds at first but trust me it really is with some knowledge and a little practice.

The wellness business bundle has everything you need to learn how to love your marketing and become fully booked with the clients you want to work with.

Introducing the Wellness Business Bundle

It’s about giving you the tools and mindset you need: There are 3 parts to it - I have created a framework to guide you through the workshops

Wellness Business Bundle Framework

Create a solid foundation for your business

  1. Set soulful specific goals that light you up from your heart to your sacral centre.
  2. Find your tribe those people who will be eager to buy your services so that they can get the transformations they need and want.
  3. Create a 90-day plan that keeps you engaged and moving forward with your mission.

Wellness Messaging

Learn what creates a powerful but simple message and offer whilst creating content that attracts and converts your soul clients.

  1. Everything you need to create 30 days of soulful social media that connects and converts.
  2. Write e-mails that your community will love, transforming them from browsers to clients.
  3. Your 2022 Business & Life Manifesto (My favourite workshop if you only do one this is the one just swap out the date and do this anytime.)

Wellness Money

Upgrade your relationship with money and pricing.

  1. Be in partnership with your business - banish perfectionism and feelings of “I’m not good enough” replace them with an embodied belief in your mission and your business.
  2. Set a price that earns you money and fits in with YOUR unique business goals, values and ideals.
  3. How to sell gift vouchers that your clients will value and make you money.

The Wellness Business Bundle includes all the teaching and strategies, so you know exactly what to do today. It is designed to support you to grow a business that feels like home, whilst knowing that your marketing is a reflection of your heart.


Over 9 hours of content – each workshop is practical in nature with specific tasks to grow your business. Printable workbooks designed to ensure you sales and marketing become like home.

BUY NOW £500


I’m Helen Pinnock, business coach with 30 years’ experience working in the wellness world, best selling author. I started out as a holistic therapist who loved treating people but struggled to find enough clients and make enough money. Then I figured out how to do the sales and marketing stuff in a way that felt true to my values and business mission.

Since 2012 I have coached dozens and dozens of holistic therapists and yoga teachers how to get fully booked. I have noticed time and time again there is only one difference between the holistic therapist/yoga teacher who has full practices and classes and makes more money and those who don’t. It’s whether they enjoy marketing, and truly value their skills allowing them to show up and bring their creativity into their business.

Enjoying and valuing your marketing is not something you can put off to another day. It is a must if you want to grow a sustainable business that impacts lots of people and creates revenue equal to your skills. Marketing is so much more than money. We love money but it’s about empowerment spreading the wellbeing message and working inline with everything that we value. Wellness Business Bundle attracts client who will love your uniqueness the most and are happy to pay you.

Most importantly you will no longer fear your marketing but find joy in growing a business that changes lives. Yours included. If you are newly qualified, this will ensure you find your clients fast. If you already have a wellness business it will be the difference between worrying if you have enough clients next month to keep going, hit and miss client strategies and full classes and practices.



  • Will this help me with ads?
    No, ads can be great for certain business, but I filled my practice with no ads, and you can to.
  • Will this show me how to build a sales funnel or create a website?
    No, I have built all these things, but you don’t need ANY of this. The Wellness Business Bundle will help you grow your business and attract in your ideal clients without any of this.

I love helping people grow business without watching website traffic or paying for google adds. The bundle will show you how each workshop created with the exact steps to do so.


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