Building A Wellness Centre - Yoga Studio Business?

Get Customised Support To Make Your Dream Business A Reality 

Creating your wellness or yoga studio doesn't have to be difficult  

The difficulty is creating a strategy to find a steady stream of clients.  


You may be filled with excitement mixed with fear, anticipation and overwhelm because you’ve got something important to share with the world — but you haven’t yet figured out how to turn this dream into a physical reality. 


  • Get your wellbeing centre - yoga studio up and running?
  • Get absolute clarity about your vision?
  • Find a venue within your budget (so it doesn't just look amazing - but attracts clients)?
  • Create a marketing plan that will find your clients and reflect every aspect of your business values? 
  • Hire staff, therapists and teachers that are excited to be a part of your dream and will help your business thrive?  


  • Getting overwhelmed trying to figure it all out yourself...
  • Getting confused with what other people say you "should" do 
  • Getting the wrong venue and making a costly mistake 
  • Getting frustrated wasting time learning tools and  skills you don't need 
  • Worrying about hiring people who are going to slow your business progress

If this sounds out of your reach, I want you to know that it is 100% achievable for YOU. 

Why do I know this? Because I started exactly where you are now 17 years ago. 

I have 16 years of experience running and marketing a  successful multidisciplinary wellness clinic on the local high street and have used it to create a system to help you turn your dream into a  reality. 

You just need the right support and guidance to get it right from the beginning 


I'm going to be really straight with you. Building a wellness centre or yoga studio is hard work and there is no magic bullet. 


However, realising your wellness vision is one of the most exciting and purposeful things you will ever do. 


Your studio or wellness centre will be a teaching and healing place for your local community. 


Being in control of that, and being empowered to manage your visions of wellbeing, gives you incredible influence. 

I know how it feels to have the vision and the need to get it up and running, to do it right and wanting to understand how and what you need to do... 

Create a wellbeing clinic that you, your clients and staff love...

The Truth is...

*Your studio - wellbeing centre has to constantly evolve and so much of that starts with how you think about leadership and marketing. 

*Marketing doesn't come easily to most wellbeing entrepreneurs. But it is the epi-centre of your business. 

*A successful wellness business can only be successful when marketing and leadership are merged with your vision. 

That's why I want to introduce you to 

Build My Wellness Business! 

Let's get started with...

Build My Wellness Business

It's an 8-week coaching program for wellness entrepreneurs just like you, to step up and finally realise their dream of owning bricks and mortar business.  You can begin this journey with absolute confidence. 


This is a 1-2-1 coaching program designed to give you the steps you need to create and launch your own business as fast and easily as possible. 


I have designed it so that each step builds on the next. However, there is also enough flexibility to allow me to meet you exactly where you are in your business journey. 


You'll have my personal support throughout the 8- weeks - I get to know you, your business, and I dive deep into realising YOUR dream within our sessions.  


Are you ready for Build My Wellness Business? 

You are a good fit if...

*You are a holistic therapist, yoga teacher or wellness practitioner ready to take the next step

*You understand that a solid business and leadership  foundation is vital for the success of your business

*You know you're capable of doing this with the right support and processes

If you feel as though you...

  • Have had enough of waiting for the perfect time to start realising your vision 
  • Have had enough of the frustration of trying to go it alone looking for answers only to be more confused than when you started 
  • Have had enough of the naysayers telling you it is too hard 
  • Have had enough of wasting your precious time asking yourself if you are doing it the right way
  • Want to realise your vision once and for all 
  • Want to build a bricks and mortar business that attracts clients and practitioners alike 

And you're ready to build YOUR own yoga studio or wellbeing centre...


What exactly do you get with Build My Wellness Business...

An 8 - week programme of 1-2-1 coaching with me.

I will get to the heart of what you want to achieve together we will create a strategic plan to ensure meet that goal.

Week 1 

Clarification on your business model 

  • If you can describe your business model simply clients & staff will understand where they fit in it.
  • It will also keep you focused and intentional. 

Week 2 

Choosing the right location

  • The right location is vital to the success of your business.

Week 3 

Creating your brand 

  • A strong brand is more than your logo it's how your clients identify and experience your business.  

Week 4


  • How to find and the right mix of staff, therapists and teachers. 

Week 5


  • Decide on a strategy that enhances your profit & reflects your business model. Set prices that clients and staff love whilst being in line with your purpose and values. 

Week 6 - 7 

Your marketing plan 

  • Over 2 weeks we will put together a simple strategy to build your audience - connect & convert them to paying clients. 

Week - 8 

Bringing it all together

  • I will ensure that you have a concise business plan and strategy to ensure you maximise your success.

Have we met before?

My name is Helen.

17 years ago I was a successful reflexologist who had a dream to own her own wellness clinic. However, I wanted to do it a little differently from other similar spaces. 

I wanted it to be a space where clients who had not experienced anything like this before felt safe to do so. A space where holistic therapists and counsellors could come and feel supported to do their best work.

This meant creating an entirely different business model from the one that most centres operated. 

The only problem being that I had no idea how to go about setting this up.

Never being one to let anything hold me back I opened my own clinic and embarked on a steep learning curve learning how to market and lead my business. 

18 years later I am teaching other wellness entrepreneurs how to create their own wellness centre  - yoga studio.  



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