Stop Wasting Your Precious Time And Grow Your Wellness Business

business marketing new clients purpose reflexology time managment training Jun 14, 2021

Your time is precious. Right!

I don't want you wasting it on anything that's not going to get you the growth you want for your yoga/holistic therapy business whether that is....

More flow
More ease
More soul clients
More impact

I know that back in the early 2000's I was often confused about what actions I should be taking to grow my reflexology business.

I wasted money on unnecessary leaflets, a website that didn't work for me and spent a whole heap of money on expensive networking events that whilst interesting didn't bring in as much work as they should have done. 

At the same time, I was also hugely conflicted about earning money from something that helped people feel better. 

So, what changed? I realised that if I wanted to keep doing what I loved I needed to get serious about my business. I invested in training to help me get my wellbeing message to the people who needed and wanted what I was able to offer (fertility and maternity reflexology.) I learnt how to keep my clients once I had them so that they stayed for the whole course of their treatments. 

I dealt with my money blocks and allowed more flow into my life and business. 

The RESULT I moved from 2-5 reflexology clients a week to a consistent 20 weekly clients.  I saved a lot of my precious time (I was a young mum at the time) and most importantly of all I was happier because I was creating the impact I wanted which was to help women conceive naturally. 

When I created the Wellness Business Collective I had not only myself in mind but for lots of my other clients who want all of the above without exhausting themselves in the process.

Inside the collective, I teach, nurture and support you to grow and meet the goals you have for your wellness business. 

If you are interested in joining me inside the Wellness Business Collective next time the doors open in July. 

Click on through and register your interest>>>