How yoga teachers are thriving and not jut surviving in a post pandemic world!

business business coach confidence helen pinnock wellness business yoga teacher Jul 15, 2021
Helen Pinnock - Wellness Biz Coach

Can my yoga business thrive and not just survive in 2021?

This is the question many yoga teachers and other wellness business owners are asking themselves as we move into a post-pandemic world.

Whilst last year has undeniably been the most difficult year any of us have ever experienced working in the wellness industry. New and exciting opportunities have emerged allowing yoga teachers to grow their businesses and teach to a wider audience. It is now possible to teach yoga to anyone anywhere; if they have access to a phone, computer and internet connection.  

Before 2020 the idea of teaching live classes online was seen by many as secondary to Face-to-Face teaching. The feeling was that it was not possible to provide a first-class teaching experience and the necessary care via an online platform. Over the last year, we have seen a shift in this mindset and belief. 

In the first weeks of the pandemic, many yoga teachers were balancing computers and phones on piles of books, anxiously learning new skills and re-arranging living space to turn them into home studios. Then as the weeks turned into months, many teachers began to realise, as their confidence grew, that they could deliver a first-rate teaching experience without the costs of renting space. There is no doubt that this method of teaching a class is here to stay, whether through live online zoom classes or membership platforms. 

Whilst as a yoga teacher, you may be thinking that everyone is experiencing online fatigue. This is not the case, for a lot of people, who have found that attending an online class or joining a membership group, has allowed them to practice yoga at more convenient times.

No more struggling to fit yoga classes around jobs, children and other family responsibilities. Whereas previously, they may have needed to find two hours to attend a yoga class. Now it can be fitted in before the school pick up or after the children are in bed.

It is not just people who are time deficient that are feeling the benefits of online classes. Many people are finding the freedom to try out yoga classes that they would have previously felt too nervous to try in a group setting. 

Whilst the benefits of online yoga classes are many. It does not mean that every yoga class is going to move into the online world. Many people are desperately in need of group classes that provide connection and a sense of community. In answer to this, we are going to see a plethora of in-person classes and retreats.

Bearing all this in mind, now is the time for yoga teachers to re-examine how to structure their yoga businesses in this post-pandemic world.

Two years ago, when yoga teachers created their business plan's no one would have suggested they work global pandemic into that plan. However, 2020 has highlighted the need to future proof yoga business to help create financial freedom and stability. Increasingly for many teachers, this involves a mixture of online and Face to Face teaching.

So, in answer to the question. Can my yoga business thrive, not just survive in 2021? The answer is a definite yes. The landscape and methods of teaching yoga may have evolved and changed the need for yoga teachers has never been greater.