The Four Marketing Steps You Need For A Launch Or Workshop

audience marketing money retreat workshop Aug 06, 2021
 The Four Steps You Need For A Launch Or Workshop

You are excited to run your workshop - retreat or launch your new holistic therapy.

But have you thought about the four steps you need to put in place before you decide on a date? 

1. Allow enough time to market the event (on average people need to see something twelve times before they buy) 

2. Build your audience 

3. How much is it going to cost you to run the event and market it 

4. Set yourself a financial goal it's not a business if it doesn't make money. Right? 

It's all too easy in all the excitement to forget these steps. Then three weeks before the event you realise you don't have enough people to attend or worse still you have not charged enough and you are going to make a loss. 

I can not stress enough how important it is to allow yourself enough time to put all of these steps in place never mind the prep for said event or launch. 

When you run a wellness business planning should always be part of your business strategy. 

So, how do you go about finding people to attend?

Firstly look at all of your existing audiences be it social media, friends and family, colleagues and ask yourself. Are these the people who would benefit from my services? If not then it is time to do some audience building (after all we can't sell our services without an audience to buy them.) 

Now it is time to do your sums. How much is it going to cost you to create, run and launch? Sometimes it can feel a little scary to deal with the money; I understand that but you can't run a business without knowing your figures. Make sure you include your time and marketing costs doing this will ensure you can set a clear financial goal. 

Trust me when I say doing all these steps will not only ensure a successful launch it will increase your profits and decrease your stress. No one wants to work for less than they are worth. 

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