How To Sell Without Selling Your Soul

ideal client marketing reiki selling Aug 09, 2021
How To Sell Without Selling Your Soul - Helen Pinnock

“People don’t want to buy my healing sessions –– what do I do?” A Holistic therapist asked me that question about her Reiki treatments, and it’s something I’ve heard from many (many!) wellness entrepreneurs.

Here’s the good news: you can absolutely sell more without sacrificing your beliefs and values.  

Most holistic therapists and yoga teachers are excited about what they do and how they help people. They aren't quite so excited about marketing their services. 

But here’s the truth: you can’t have a successful business or make a positive impact without marketing.

Businesses must make money. To make money, you’ve got to sell. To sell, you need to tell people about what you do. That is marketing. 

If you believe that marketing is unethical, slimy, and salesy — and diminishes the healing services you offer — don’t worry. The most effective marketing is rooted in generosity, creativity, honesty, and transparency.

I’ve been in business for over two decades, and I’ve helped lot's holistic therapists and yoga teachers grow their dream businesses currently with my membership group, Wellness Business Collective. None of that could have happened if I hadn't spoken about it.  The reality is nobody wants to buy from someone who’s pushy or aggressive. 

Start by meeting people exactly where they are all too often we are so excited about our services that we get upset when people can't see how amazing they are. You are not really selling REIKI you are selling a solution to the problems they are struggling with. 

1. Think about your ideal customers what problems and concerns do they have right now?

2. What can you do to show them you see and understand what is happening and that you can help them get the results they want? 

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