How To Channel Your Self Doubt Into Your Wellness Business

confidence holistic therapist purpose wellness business yoga teacher Apr 28, 2021
Helen Pinnock Business Coaching

I CAN'T DO THIS! who hasn't had this thought about their holistic therapy or yoga business? 

Be honest. 

I know that when I was first working as a reflexologist in 2001 this thought happened at least three or four times a week. 

Yes, I loved the work I felt drawn to it I knew it was my purpose but I was struggling to make enough money to pay my bills let alone make an abundant living.

So what changed? Apart from learning how to find my soul clients by investing in marketing training, I got better at managing these feelings of self-doubt. 

When I was struggling with these feelings I...

  • stopped myself from going down the rabbit hole of social media, spending hours looking at images of other peoples "supposed success" instead I remembered that every expert starts at the beginning and that it is all a journey.
  • worked out what it was that I needed to do differently. Because as they say doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is not helpful. 
  • managed my time effectively. When I get anxious about my work I can get into a vicious cycle of if I just work a bit harder everything will be ok. The reality is often the opposite that I needed to work less but more effectively. 
  • I sought help from coaches and mentors people who were at least one step ahead of me and could shine a light on where I wanted to go. 
  • We all have days when we feel fear and self-doubt when it feels as though we have no creativity for our business. We doubt the decisions we are making, we feel that other people are making more progress than us.

I have noticed that people assume the more successful a person is that they must not feel doubts or fear. Put quite simply, this is not true. 

Similar doubts arise but you get better at noticing them and taking action. 

If you leave fear and self doubt unattended it can leave you in a place of feeling stuck and not moving forward. 

Instead of trying to run from the doubt (trust me that won’t work), you can take care of it.

Still, struggling? Remember your purpose why you chose to become a professional wellness business owner. Your story is why you are here and is the reason you are making a difference in the world.

Being a professional wellness business owner can at times be a roller coaster of emotions but remember you don't have to do it all on your own. A little knowledge and a lot of support can ensure that you confidently step into your unique business power and flow.