Stop Getting In Your Own Way! How To Create A Healthy Wellness Business Mindset

business mindset mission perfectionism purpose wellness Nov 24, 2021
Stop Getting In Your Own Way! How To Create A Healthy Wellness Business Mindset

As human beings, we are not logical creatures we are emotional and irrational especially when it matters the most. How often have you planned a workshop, written content for your social or website, set a goal to find 10 new clients only to give up halfway through?

Maybe everything started well but then things didn't quite go as you expected and you began to feel negative self-talk come in:

"Oh, there aren't enough people who want what I have to offer?"
"People won't pay x amount of money because I'm not good enough"

or you slip into perfectionism and never get anything finished because you are scared someone is going to criticize you or that you will fail.

Hands up if you recognise yourself in any of this! Hey, who hasn't at some point felt some of these things.

But here is the thing you have to flip this way of thinking because it's super difficult to be successful from a negative mindset. If nothing else there won't be much joy in your business.

How can we reach our goals if we don't believe that we can? Instead of opportunity, we will constantly see barriers and negative beliefs that will get in the way of our own success.

Is it easy to flip a negative mindset no not always BUT it is entirely possible with a little effort and desire?

Mindset is a practice that needs nurturing when we come from a place of abundance, growth and positivity our world changes.

This is how I do it...

*Gratitude every day I name 3 things that my business gives me
*I check I am not comparing myself to others
*I recognise I can't do this alone so I check in with my coach regularly
*I remind myself to trust my own thoughts and ideas
*I remember my MISSION - VISION - GOAL

Lastly, I write in my journal every day what my overall business mission is, sometimes it comes out slightly differently but without fail this keeps my mindset healthy.

Been in my world for a while you will know that I believe running a successful business requires an all-around holistic approach. Holding YOUR wellness vision and combining it with practical tools, mindset, and self-development.

At the moment there are two ways you can work with me either inside the wellness business collective which is a monthly membership group for wellness business entrepreneurs with an option to sign up for a year and get a half-day of business coaching with me free (worth £500).

The other option is to come inside in my 3-month coaching program this is for wellness entrepreneurs looking to grow their business and are ready to take it to the next level. I only work with a small number of people on a 1-2-1 basis. If you would like to apply to work with me get inside my DM's and let's talk.