Feeling Overwhelmed? Remember You Are Not Alone Try These Planning Suggestions

marketing overwhelm planning sales May 02, 2021
Helen Pinnock Business Coaching

Are you feeling overwhelmed with even the idea of all the sales and marketing you need to do to bring in new clients to your yoga class, reiki or reflexology practice?

No matter where we are in our wellbeing business journey just starting out 3 years in, from time to time, we all feel overwhelmed and confused about what we should be doing and wondering if we are taking the right actions. 

In my experience, one of three things happen when we feel overwhelmed.  

  1. We give up and do nothing at all falling, into the trap of blaming the algorithms or deciding there is just too much competition and that we can't compete with all the other wellbeing businesses.

  2. We freeze do nothing cross our fingers and hope for a different outcome.

  3. Or take a moment and ask ourselves the question, What can I do differently?

Hey! I get it at one point or other, I have done one or all of these things.

So, how do we change our mindset and take action when we encounter this feeling of overwhelm and paralysis. 

Take a breath and remember that you believe in doing purposeful work, after all, that is why you created your wellbeing business to make a difference in the world. Right? 

  • Write a list of all the tasks you need to do in a day/week to grow your yoga or holistic therapy business. Then plan 5 - 30 min for each task
  • Focus on what matters, you do not have to do all of your marketing tasks in one go; there is a great deal of power in doing one task doing it well and doing it consistently
  • Remember to celebrate your success big or small. Whether it is a new client or being a guest on a podcast

Remember that you don't have to do all of this on your own this is why I am launching The Wellness Collective a membership for yoga teachers and holistic therapists. Together we will help you grow your professional wellness business. The collective is much more than a membership it is a movement. 

"Community is much more than belonging to something; it's about doing something together that makes belonging matter."

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  • Gain confidence in marketing your wellness business by being nothing other than your unique self
  • Learn how to create an income free of fear and the feeling of not being enough
  • Confidently move from hobby holistic therapist or yoga teacher into your role as a professional wellness business owner 

join me for 'The Wellness Collective', my brand new membership to get you growing in confidence and generating abundance for your professional wellness business.

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