These Are The Major Wellness Trends For 2021

distance healing meditation classes planning retreats wellness trends 2021 Jan 01, 2021

There is no doubt I am fed up writing the words 2020 changed everything. However, there is no getting away from the fact that it did. The wellbeing industry was picked up and shaken to its core.

For this blog post, I asked wellbeing business owners in my Facebook group their thoughts about what was going to happen in the wellness industry in 2021.

They said that they felt as though there was going to be an even greater need for therapies and classes that helped people to deal with the somatic trauma of 2020 and therapies that helped us to improve our immune systems.

(Views of immunity articles on are up over 700% year-over-year and people are particularly interested in recipes to help their immune systems.)

Now that we have that knowledge. How can we tailor our wellbeing offerings to benefit the needs of our clients?

I believe that we are going to see three wellness trends emerging.

There is undoubtedly going to be a continuation of growth in the online world with people wanting online yoga and meditation classes, distance healing as well as therapies such as solution-based hypnotherapy, coaching and nutritional therapy. The online world has allowed the general public to access holistic therapists and teachers from anywhere in the world.

As teachers and therapists, we have all learnt that we can, in fact, teach and treat online much more effectively than we previously believed.

However whilst the online world is very much here to stay, we are all craving human contact. As the year moves forward, we are going to see an explosion in wellbeing retreats, people wanting group classes and sessions to rediscover that all-important human connection. Although this will be important for all age groups, I think there will be an emergence of retreats aimed at young people.

Thirdly we are undoubtedly going to see a further move to outdoor therapies such as forest bathing, outdoor yoga, mindfulness and swimming classes, I, even think we will see some outdoor massage therapy. (with plenty of rugs.) 2020 increased the nation's appreciation of natures healing abilities.

With all of this in mind as wellbeing business owners now is the time to sit down and plan how you want your business to look at how you want to show up for your clients in 2021 and work out how you are best placed to provide the solution to their problems.

The world has changed your clients need you to adapt.


Helen Pinnock