I am business coach to healers, life coaches and visionaries growing mission driven businesses and creating conscious wealth.

As your coach I show up for you, as you show up for your business together we realise your vision. If your ready, then so am I.

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It’s my mission to empower you to create what you truly desire from your life and business.

Because when you are empowered, you cause a ripple effect of positivity, growth, healing and change out from yourselves to you clients and beyond. I do what I do because for a long time when I started my first business, even though I had a strong sense of purpose, I felt incredibly lost.

I struggled with confidence and doubted my every move. I longed for advice and clarity, most of all for someone who I could share my vision with, to without fear of judgment.

Someone who was solely in my corner to encourage me Although I achieved my vision of owning a complementary health clinic whilst creating a unique business model and despite achieving a 6-figure business. It all felt too hard and it came at a cost to my nervous system. Then I came across my first business coach and as they say the rest is history.


I can’t tell you exactly when I began to feel truly empowered in my business life as growth happens over time as we learn to integrate it into our lives. I can tell you that all of these moments were achieved with the help of several business coaches.

However, there have been many seminal moments that changed my outlook and contributed to my business and personal growth.

I now know that when we feel empowered to create the change we want to see in our corner of the world anything is possible. We elevate our belief of what is possible, our mindset expands allowing us to be confidently visible for our community and we fall deeply, joyously in love with our vision.

Self-leadership becomes embodied and we grow into out power and sovereignty. From this place we can create the transformation we want in our life and businesses


  • Business Coaching Certificate
  • Numerous holistic therapy qualifications
  • 28 years working as owner and directors of my companies on the high street and online (yes that means leadership, messaging, marketing, strategy, content and unblocking the odd toilet)
  • Diploma in Marketing (Leicester University)
  • Degree in Theology and Youth Work (Always been a spiritual thinker although I don’t identify with any religion)
  • 7 years working as a coach connecting with lots of women just like you
  • Numerous additional hours of marketing training with coaches and courses
  • A ton of self-development work and healing courses therapy and reading
  • 12 months chair of an in person networking group
  • Author of best-selling book client to clinic owner
  • Written articles for various publications and many appearances on radio and podcasts


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