"I know that when highly sensitive people and empaths learn to harness their own gifts and work with their shadow side they are truly extraordinary."

As your coach I show up for you, as you show up for your business together we realise your vision. If your ready, then so am I.

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It’s my mission to advocate for a gentler kind of entrepreneurship: open hearted, intuitive, empathetic and kind. It’s about creating harmony in your life and business, doing good and feeling good while making money.

Because when you do business this way, you cause a ripple effect of positivity, growth, healing and change out from yourself to your client’s and beyond.

I am a business coach today because for two decades I have navigated the world of self -employment and business as an empath and highly sensitive person. I have created several businesses that have held clients and staff at the heart of each of them.

I have had success personally and financially. At each step I have employed business coaches to help me navigate, expand, and grow.

Each of these coaches bought me new and different insights. However, despite this growth there have times were growth came at the cost to my health and nervous system as I became overwhelmed with over-responsibility for the success of my businesses.


From the first year of my business career to date I have always felt that my business life reflected my personal development.

I have always had a strong sense of purpose, vision and an ability to see the bigger picture, all valuable qualities for entrepreneurship. I knew that I wanted to create a heart-based business, but I was surrounded by a society and business world telling me that gentleness and sensitivity were not the “RIGHT” way to do business.

The result as that unknowingly parts of me were closed down, un-embodied and not being honoured. I was often hearing comments like these…

“You are too sensitive”, “You care too much”, “You are overthinking that”, “Why can’t you be like everyone else?”

I would like to tell you there was one moment that it all changed but the reality is that there have been many years of personal development that have led to where I am today.

This has been my journey and I honour all of it. However, I do know that if I had experienced a business coach that understood my sensitivity, I would have succeeded a lot quicker.

I’m now the business coach I wanted combining an HSP’s natural gifts of intuition, empathy and creativity with business strategy and development. Empowering business owners to use their sensitivities to lead themselves and others without sacrificing their own needs.

I now know that when we feel empowered to create the change we want to see in the world; anything is possible. We elevate our belief of what is possible, our mindset expands allowing us to be confidently visible for our community and we fall deeply, joyously in love with our vision.


  • Business Coaching Certificate
  • Numerous holistic therapy qualifications
  • 28 years working as owner and directors of my companies on the high street and online (yes that means leadership, messaging, marketing, strategy, content and unblocking the odd toilet)
  • Diploma in Marketing (Leicester University)
  • Degree in Theology and Youth Work (Always been a spiritual thinker although I don’t identify with any religion)
  • 7 years working as a coach connecting with lots of women just like you
  • Numerous additional hours of marketing training with coaches and courses
  • A ton of self-development work and healing courses therapy and reading
  • 12 months chair of an in person networking group
  • Author of best-selling book client to clinic owner
  • Written articles for various publications and many appearances on radio and podcasts


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